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Stucco Painting Calgary


Stucco Painting In Calgary By Eco Star Painting


For 25 years Eco Star Painting has been providing residential and commercial Stucco Painting Services to home and business owners throughout Calgary and the surrounding area.
We have guaranteed systems to complete the project on time and on budget.Our experienced team of professional painters are committed to providing you with outstanding workmanship and exceptional results.
If you have special needs, or require us to work off-hours, (or on weekends), we can certainly present a schedule that best fits your situation.
At Eco Star Painting, no project is too big or too small, and each job is undertaken to maximize durability and long lasting results. Ted Rinshed, the owner of Eco Star Painting, is personally involved in each step of the operation.
Eco Star Painting is  licensed and we carry a two million dollar insurance liability on all jobs.


Discuss your desired end result
-Consult with our designer for paint colour and finish recommendations
-Protect your belongings and landscaping
-Prepare all exterior surfaces to be painted – scraping, sanding, washing, sealing
-Use top quality tools to expertly apply your coatings


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Deck and fence painting
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Stucco Painting

  • The Eco Star Painting Promise

    • Keep the project on budget and on schedule
    • Maintain a tidy job site
    • Protect  your outdoor furniture,walkways,plants,shrubbery with drop cloths
    • Make sure that the radio isn't blasting and disturbing anyone
    • No smoking on job site. None of our painters are allowed to smoke on the property
    • We'll be On the job from start to finish. We promise to finish the work in the agreed upon time
    • We promise to have open communication with you  every step of the way
    • The crew will work in a safe and secure manner when moving ladders or operating equipment. 
    • We offer a written three year warranty on most exterior projects.This includes labor and materials

  • What Exactly Is Stucco?

    There are 2 kinds of Stucco:Traditional and Acrylic.

    Traditional Stucco is also called Classic Stucco,Cement stucco or Hard Coat stucco. The main ingredient of traditional Stucco is Portland cement. Portland cement is made of limestone & clay which are inexpensive and readily available around the world. It also has sand,lime and water as ingredients. For this reason traditional stucco is cheaper than acrylic stucco

    Acrylic Stucco is made from acrylic resins and is also called Synthetic Stucco or Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS). Paint has acrylic resins in it too too but the synthetic stucco also has sand as a component. Acrylic stucco is a bit softer than traditional stucco and has a foam insulation board as a foundation. It is multilayered with a layer of fiberglass mesh sandwiched in the middle.

  • Stucco Issues & Problems

     Cracking.  The formation of cracks is caused by the shifting of it's foundation from soil movement, lumber shrinkage,wind, and other natural forces.  Hairline cracks in Stucco can be filled in with a specialty paint called Elastomeric. These paints are much thicker than typical acrylic paints. The coverage in terms  of square footage is not very good with elastomeric paints. A typical acrylic paint will get 350-400 sq feet to the gallon whereas an elastomeric paint  will only cover 60-100 square feet per gallon. There are indeed thinner elasto's on the market and not every stucco job requires it. For the vast majority of our stucco painting projects we use a high quality acrylic paint. To fill in  larger cracks in the stucco we use an acrylic caulking.

     Effloresence is a whitish film that is composed of salts. This is caused by  capillary action of water migrating to the surface of the stucco. The water basically carries these salts to the surface and then evaporates leaving a white film behind. One must first remove the efflorescence before applying a primer or paint.


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The Job Process

The Job starts with power washing the entire house. The next day we prep the Stucco. This may include caulking around the windows or filling in cracks that may be present. In some cases we may have to re-apply stucco to some damaged areas. Next we apply plastic masking  film to the windows,doors,light fixtures, and anything else that you want to protect from over-spray. Drop Cloths are also  placed where needed. Final step is the  painting of the Stucco and cleanup.

  • Power Washing
  • Prep The Stucco
  • Cover Windows,Doors & Everything With Masking Film
  • Spray & Back-Roll Stucco

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