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Porter Cable 7800 Wall Sander Review

Why Eco Star Painting Uses A Dustless Wall Sander One of the everyday tasks for interior painters in Calgary is sanding walls. Many years ago we used to perform this job the old fashioned way with a Pole Sander and a lot of elbow grease. It can be quite a physical and tiresome activity if…

Always Test For Moisture In Wood Before Painting Or Staining. How To?

Have you ever wondered if a wood surface is dry enough to paint after a rainy couple of days? It may be dry to the touch but a wood substrate (or surface) needs to be technically dry before applying a coating —-or it will eventually fail! Don’t rush to paint until you test it or give it…

Trophy Painting in Calgary

Trophy Painting In Calgary By Eco Star Painting Eco Star Painting first met Randy, the owner of First Class Engraving, in March of 2015 when we were contracted to finish the interior painting  of his home. Randy had undertaken some renovations which included the basement and parts of the main floor. The work entailed painting…

Restoring A Cedar Deck From Start To Finish

The Backstory: The homeowners were very unhappy with the weathered and dirty look of their cedar deck. It had taken on an almost charcoal-gray color in appearance. Plain and simple, it was dirty and the original stain had deteriorated! When the deck was new, a coat of Sikkens Translucent Stain was applied in a color…

Calgary Renfrew Exterior Painting

How Do You Paint An Old Stucco House Exterior Including A Weather Beaten Deck? Description   Questions I’ll Try to Answer In This Article: Where do you start? What are the challenges? What is the Best way to Prep the house? What kind of primer is needed? How were the cracks in the stucco fixed?…

Graco 395 Finish Pro Air Assisted Airless Review

Graco 395 Finish Pro Yes, this is a picture of my Graco 395 FP purchased in 2013 Why am I writing about it 4 years later? Because it has held up well and I didn’t have a Blog back then. 🙂 Seriously, we do not pull this rig out every day to use. When you…

How to Prep And Stain A Deck- Pro Tips

Basic Prep Work Required For The Job The above Deck was painted by Eco Star Painting in 2013. We stripped it down using a power sander, scrapers, and a little elbow grease.First we used  50 grit sandpaper using a 1/4 sheet Porter Cable Palm Sander. After most of the paint is removed, we use  80…

Review of Kilz General Purpose Primer & Sealer

Review of Kilz General Purpose Primer & Sealer This review of Kilz General Purpose Primer & Sealer was written by  Ted Rinshed of Eco Star Painting. Eco Star Painting is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Purpose: The job required a primer to seal the drywall compound in a business we were  painting. The drywall damage was extensive as…

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